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5 Life Lessons I learned from running a Yoga Studio - Kathryn McCusker KMYOGA

KMYOGA, the joys, the challenges, the lessons, the future!

Today I handed back the keys to the space that for the past three years has been KMYOGA, the home of Kundalini Yoga in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

As I looked back on these three years, I started to think about the joys and challenges of running a studio that combined so many facets - classes, workshops, events and teacher trainings - and how this all created a sense of community around the studio, and a sense of personal fulfillment.

When I came to Sydney from London in 2010 I soon realised there was no dedicated space for Kundalini Yoga and very few classes happening around Sydney, which made it a challenge to feel part of a community. Of course there were some teachers at different spaces around Sydney and there had been a small studio in the Eastern Suburbs some years previously, but I was inspired to begin something that had never been done in Sydney before, and I was sure it wasn’t going to be like any other studio that I had experienced before!

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What is the Winter Solstice, and; The Power of Sound Healing:


The Winter Solstice falls on Saturday June 21, and KMYOGA will be hosting a special WINTER SOLSTICE KUNDALINI YOGA & SOUND CELEBRATION from 6.00pm - 8.30pm  In this blog, KMYOGA Founder, Author and renowned Opera Singer, Kathryn McCusker explores the meaning of the Winter Solstice. Following this is another KMYOGA blog about the Power of Sound Healing:




Kathryn McCusker, KMYOGA Founder


The term Solstice means "sun stands still". In the southern hemisphere it occurs in the middle of the year and represents the start of Winter.


It is the time when the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky, making Winter Solstice the shortest day and the longest night of the year.


During the winter solstice the sun hugs closer to the horizon than at any other time during the year, giving way to the least amount of daylight annually. On the bright side, the day after the winter solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days leading up to the summer solstice.


This event had deep spiritual meaning in many cultures and in many cases Winter Solstice was associated with the birth of the Sun, meaning the birth of the god or goddess.It would seem that many ancient cultures had a similar spiritual meaning for Winter Solstice, suggesting humanity always cared about the rebirth of light.


This is a poignant time to stop and listen, to harmonize our energy and reassess our connection to our spirit and life’s purpose.


It is a powerful time of re-birth and transformation - to acknowledge our shadow, heal our wounds, release old thought patterns and align with our light to illuminate our highest destiny.


Winter Solstice is an opportunity to come together with your community in celebration of hope, peace and the rebirth of light.

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New Moon, New Season, New Energy and a “NEW” KMYOGA!


By Kathryn McCusker, KMYOGA Founder


I’ve been thinking a lot about change, renewal and new beginnings lately.


Perhaps it’s this week’s New Moon in Gemini, perhaps it’s the new month, or the beginning of a new season, or a combination of all of these, and I’m sure it’s also got a lot to do with the changes we’ve made at KMYOGA and the new timetable we will be offering our students, all of which come into effect on Sunday June 1.


New Moons are a great time to set a new intention – and I’ve already set mine – and that is to embrace the changes and make the most of them.


Change is a funny thing – and everyone seems to deal with it in different ways – some go into denial, some get angry, some accept them and see how they can make the most of the changes, and some even see change as an opportunity for renewal.

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This is Your Brain on Yoga:


12 Scientifically Proven Ways Yoga & Meditation Help Nourish The Body, Brain and Spirit


this is your brain on yoga


An easy, low cost, natural practice can help boost brain power and make us healthier and more spiritually attuned as we age. It can also bring happiness, improve our quality of life and reduce some of the staggering health costs of our time.


Curious what that practice is? 

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Your Journey Through The Chakras


Making Sense of Chakras, by Kathryn McCusker,

Founding Director of KMYOGA




Chakras are centers of consciousness. They are focal points of energy that have a direct, immediate and profound effect on our daily lives.


But what does that mean?  How do they work? And how can you recognise whether they are in or out of balance.

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The Gift of Seva

Seva is the act of selfless service.

By Denie Pentecost


I believe in Kundalini our purpose is to serve, uplift, and enrich others. 



Over the past year I’ve learnt one of the most rewarding ways to serve is through organising our community Sadhana at KMYOGA. Although it took discipline and perseverance the rewards by far outweigh the challenges. And boy, there were many… it’s true getting up at 4am every Saturday pushes some buttons. 

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10 Great Reasons to do Kundalini Yoga: Find out at KMYOGA | Kundalini - Meditation - Yoga | Sydney


Sydney Yoga Class Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of Awareness. It is the householder’s yoga—for people who are active in the world. Most other systems of yoga were developed by those living the renunciate life. Kundalini Yoga gives you tools to expedite your spiritual growth and healing.

Practice gives you an experience beyond the limits of time and space—an experience of the depth of your soul and true identity. This direct experience of your higher self builds a platform of strength, radiance, and security on which to build your life. 

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Jen Murphy blogs about her inspirational experience with Mastin Kipp’s Enter The Heart Tour and Kundalini Yoga with Kathryn McCusker at KMYOGA Kundalini Meditation Yoga Sydney


Daily Love Enter the Heart Tour



The last three nights, I have been given the opportunity to attend Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Enter the Heart Tour in Sydney. Yes, all three events.

I am literally radiating love, light, joy & gratitude from every pore, & my heart is completely open. Saying ‘I’m so grateful’ just doesn’t do justice to the amazing experience. Each evening was filled with music by the talented Chris Assaad, Kundalini Yoga by Kathryn McCusker, and powerful words of wisdom by Mastin Kipp.


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Kundalini Yoga Class in Sydney: Juliana’s Experience at KMYOGA Kundalini Yoga Studio Sydney


kathrynI’ve just returned from a two week holiday in my hometown of Sydney Australia and whilst there I visited a beautiful yoga studio called KMYoga in Bondi Junction. I heard about the studio through fellow yogis who mentioned it specialized in Kundalini yoga as well as Jivamukti and Naam yoga so I was keen to check it out.





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Kathryn McCusker, founder of KMYOGA Kundalini Yoga Studio Sydney, is interviewed for “Balance by Deborah Hutton” – Kundalini, The Mother of All Yogas

By Megan Houston


Kathryn McCusker Kundalini Yoga KMYOGA SYdneyYou’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of yoga, the ancient and venerable tradition that has the power to improve sleep, help us find balance (literally), relieve stress and back painimprove clarity of mind and much more.


Yet while the research, the celebrities and the media hype surrounding the virtues and growing popularity of yoga have arguably reached saturation point in Western civilised cultures, do we really know what yoga is?


Did you know that there are over 20 different types of yoga?  The most common form in the Western world is a variation of Asana or Hatha yoga – which focuses on the physical posture.


It’s likely you’ve heard of the downward dog, warrior pose and salute to the sun, but what you may not know is that manoeuvring yourself into contortionist poses may not be the only way to achieve the enlightenment and health benefits you’re looking for.

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