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Immerse Yourself within Your Self: KMYOGA's Sydney Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training will change your life


How do we choose to change our lives? What part of us makes that choice that leads us closer to the center of our own heart? Who do we become when we become the best version of ourselves?


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Sydney 2014

Immerse Yourself within Your Self: The story of my journey through the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program by Victoria Lynes / Atmabir Kaur

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As I glided past the closed door on my way from a Hot Yoga class to change out of my hot sweat-drenched clothes, I was stopped short by the strange yet somehow familiar sounds that were emanating from inside. Others pushed past me in their rush to the cold showers and back out into their lives. I was frozen to the spot. The pull to open the door was so strong that the phrase “I’m possessed!” came to mind, a line from some old 80’s horror flick. The sounds were so beautiful, so charged with powerful, uplifting energy. And I had the strongest sensation that I had heard them before. “What kind of yoga class is this?” I wondered, continuing to listen intently. After a few moments, the sounds suddenly stopped and there was silence. Coming back into my reality, I moved on into the busy change room to well.... change. But there was something more than my clothes that were changed on that day.....

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training..."the best thing you could ever do for yourself"


Adette Kundalini Yoga Teacher training Certificate-1

Adette Kagan shares her experience of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.


‘Kundalini Teacher Training from my experience, will deepen self awareness, knowledge of the practice, unblock whatever’s stopping you from living your dreams and allow you to make great friends with your soul!


Starting Kundalini yoga was a turning point in my life, and completing Level 1 of Teacher Training cemented the direction of my new-found journey.


When KMYOGA and ANS first offered Level 1 Teacher Training in 2013 I had been practicing Kundalini yoga for almost a year.  The flyer on the wall caught my eye and at first I was like, no, not for me! But every time I saw the flyer, I was drawn to it and it kept playing on my mind.  At that stage I didn’t feel I wanted to be a teacher, but I knew I wanted to deepen my practice, which had already taken me so far.  I also had a sneaking suspicion that this was exactly the next step I needed to take!  

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Karta Singh Khalsa returns for SOMA Workshop at KMYOGA Kundalini Meditation Yoga Sydney.




Sharon Jacobson shares her experiences of Karta Singh Khalsa's unique approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga.

“I did a retreat with Karta Singh Khalsa in Kangaroo Valley in May 2012.

Prior to the retreat, I had been doing Kundalini Yoga for five months and can count myself amongst a growing group of people who report being instantly hooked from their first experience. I had been practicing various forms of yoga for about 16 years before falling into the Kundalini Yoga trap, but none of them had managed to capture my imagination or sustain my interest quite like this has.

During the retreat I felt my heart cracking open. I challenged myself to stay with protracted postures and did battle with my mind in the midst of experiences that brought me into direct confrontation with the unknown – my ‘self’.

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