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New Moon, New Season, New Energy and a “NEW” KMYOGA!


By Kathryn McCusker, KMYOGA Founder


I’ve been thinking a lot about change, renewal and new beginnings lately.


Perhaps it’s this week’s New Moon in Gemini, perhaps it’s the new month, or the beginning of a new season, or a combination of all of these, and I’m sure it’s also got a lot to do with the changes we’ve made at KMYOGA and the new timetable we will be offering our students, all of which come into effect on Sunday June 1.


New Moons are a great time to set a new intention – and I’ve already set mine – and that is to embrace the changes and make the most of them.


Change is a funny thing – and everyone seems to deal with it in different ways – some go into denial, some get angry, some accept them and see how they can make the most of the changes, and some even see change as an opportunity for renewal.

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This is Your Brain on Yoga:


12 Scientifically Proven Ways Yoga & Meditation Help Nourish The Body, Brain and Spirit


this is your brain on yoga


An easy, low cost, natural practice can help boost brain power and make us healthier and more spiritually attuned as we age. It can also bring happiness, improve our quality of life and reduce some of the staggering health costs of our time.


Curious what that practice is? 

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Your Journey Through The Chakras


Making Sense of Chakras, by Kathryn McCusker,

Founding Director of KMYOGA




Chakras are centers of consciousness. They are focal points of energy that have a direct, immediate and profound effect on our daily lives.


But what does that mean?  How do they work? And how can you recognise whether they are in or out of balance.

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Kundalini Yoga Class in Sydney: Juliana’s Experience at KMYOGA Kundalini Yoga Studio Sydney


kathrynI’ve just returned from a two week holiday in my hometown of Sydney Australia and whilst there I visited a beautiful yoga studio called KMYoga in Bondi Junction. I heard about the studio through fellow yogis who mentioned it specialized in Kundalini yoga as well as Jivamukti and Naam yoga so I was keen to check it out.





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